Home Maintenance Service Case Studies

Home Maintenance Service case studies

Our Members’ Home Maintenance Service is designed to help you find the right person to maintain your home and keep you safe and comfortable in your environment.

Our volunteers and tradies have assisted with jobs of all sizes, and with different degrees of urgency. Their work has helped to prevent electrical shock, falls at home, home safety and also dealt with some of the little irks that we often just end up living with such as leaking taps and broken, unusable furniture.

(Note: To use COTA NT’s Home Maintenance Service, you must be a current financial member and reside in an area which is serviced.) 

Take a look at some of the services already carried out:

Serious electrical fault

A small electrical tingle could have proved fatal 

(find out what we did)

Perpetually leaking tap

One member had a tap “fixed” many times before 

(find out what we did)

Insecure front door

One member could not secure her home

(find out what we did)

Collapsed bed

No bed due to climate and age damage

(find out what we did)

No easy access to home

Mobility scooter user struggled to get into house 

(find out what we did)

Difficult to access leak

On a rural property, one leaking pipe 8 metres up

(find out what we did)

Potential slip hazards

A leaking shower screen made for bathroom falls risk

(find out what we did)

Leaking irrigation

A dying lawn and a flood next door

(find out what we did)

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