No easy access to home

A mobility scooter user was struggling to get into her house without jolting her back

Sometimes quick fix and small, affordable solutions can make a big difference to every day life such as having access to your home made easier, safer and even less painful.

One of our members uses a mobility scooter but was finding it difficult to get into her home with her scooter as she had to go up and over the door step and frame. Each time she did this, she jolted her back which was becoming increasingly painful. 

Steve inspected the access way and came up with a solution, a small ramp up to the door over the step. The door step was measured the same day as the the request was made. A ramp manufactured that afternoon and installed thereafter. This ensured that the member was safe entering and leaving the door.

Safety at home

You may find these sources of information useful when reviewing your safety at home.

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