Advocacy for all Senior Territorians

COTA NT’s advocacy for senior Territorians aims to effect positive social change. It helps ensure that seniors’ voices are heard on issues important to them.

COTA NT aims to defend and safeguard seniors’ rights and ensure their views are genuinely considered, especially when decisions are being made about their lives. COTA NT has over 50 years of history in advocating for senior Territorians and ensuring their voice has a say in the development of public policy and legislation. COTA NT speaks out to government, media and stakeholders in the Northern Territory on a wide range of issues that affect senior Territorians.

COTA NT uses a wide range of tools to be the Peak body advocating for seniors in the NT (see more). Advocacy undertaken by the organisation since 2014 is summarised below. 



Northern Territory Government

Aged Care | Community/ Social Inclusion | Communication and Information/ Digital Literacy | Consumer Rights | Employment | Government Policy | Human Rights Economic Security Education Health Housing | Multicultural Rights | Transport Safety

Alongside the topics below are links pointing to key areas of COTA’s advocacy work. Also published is a comprehensive library of information online to support seniors in the Territory to make informed decisions. The PICAC NT program aims to ensure every member of the NT community, regardless of cultural and linguistic background, has access to and understanding of the informatio they need.

Aged Care

Community / social inclusion

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Communication and information / digital literacy 

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Human rights

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Economic security

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  • Issues and topics: digital literacy; further education; retraining
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  • Issues and topics: car services (hire car, taxis, Uber); private vehicles: cars, bicycles, motorised and mobility scooters; public transport; accessibility, costs, petrol, licensing, registration, safety, restrictions
  • Key resources: Our information pagestransport and transport services

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Page updated: 21 September 2023

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