Seniors Month

Seniors Month

Seniors Month is held in August each year in the Northern Territory and provides a great opportunity to celebrate the positive aspects of ageing and the contribution that Territory Seniors make to their community. Seniors Month events encourage older people to have a healthy lifestyle, become involved in a new activity and connect to the community.

The objectives of Seniors Month are to:

  • Encourage older people to live healthy and active lifestyles all year round.
  • Demonstrate that older age can be a time of learning and adventure.
  • Celebrate older people and their continuing contribution to family, friends, workplaces and communities, and across generations.

COTA NT and Seniors Month

As part of our work to support Seniors Month, COTA NT undertakes the production and distribution of a printed and online Seniors Month calendar, as well as running a number of ‘extra-curricular’ events in locations across the Northern Territory (see COTA NT’s calendar of events).

Key Dates for Grants and Event Registration

  • Seniors Month Grants typically open in the 3rd week of March.
  • Grants typically remain open for four weeks.
  • Following notification of grant outcomes, all grant recipients submit their event registrations for publication in an online and printed Seniors Month calendar (this turnaround is usually 2-3 days only to meet print calendar production dates)
  • Events / service commencement 1 August and completion 31 August 2023.

* Grants are administered by Territory Families NOT COTA NT. (See below)

About Seniors Month Grants

Territory Families administers Seniors Month grants. 

  • Get ideas for Seniors Month activities.
  • Organisations and groups can apply for grants of up to $2,000 to help with running events and activities during Seniors Month in August. Grants are designed to help offset the cost of an event rather than cover the full cost. Funding is limited and not all applications may be successful. Even if you have previously been given a grant, you may not necessarily be given another.
  • Find out more about Seniors Month Grants.

For more information contact Territory Families on (08) 8999 3894 or email .

Page updated: 4 September 2023

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