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We are working hard to get as many people informed and involved with our advocacy and movement for making positive social change as possible. NT Seniors Voice comes to you via Print | Online | Interactive mediums.

NT Seniors Voice newsletter

COTA NT’s newsletters  have been distributed to NT stakeholders via print and digital delivery since 2014. The newsletter was rebranded as NT Seniors Voice in March 2021, but its purpose remains the same – to provide seniors in the Territory with news, events and information relevant to them.

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NT Seniors Voice is distributed in print to libraries, electoral offices, shopping and community centres.

Sponsors are sought to ensure this publication’s continuation in print. If you can help, please contact us.

NT Seniors Voice – Have your say 

This is where seniors get space to have their say, get involved with conversations and consultations hosted by COTA NT, chat, contribute and be heard.

NT Seniors Voice is a website where NT seniors and stakeholders can have their say – where they can share their voices, their opinions, their stories and their thoughts about projects, policy and plans which affect them.

Stakeholders on our mailing list, will receive an email invitation to register on NT Seniors Voice or you can visit (you will need an email address to continue).

Registered users

As a registered user on NT Seniors Voice, you can

  • opt to receive updates on the conversations you were involved with
  • join in in with all of our public consultations and conversations
  • receive notifications of other projects you may be interested in.

Open Conversations

  • World Elder Abuse Awareness Day  – Find out more “no excuse for elder abuse” (find out more here)
  • How do you volunteer? – Survey counting the hours given by volunteer seniors. Closes 17 June (here)
  • NT Grandparents Day – Share your ideas on how you would like to celebrate grandparents and older loved ones (contribute here).

Closed Conversations

  • City of Darwin Municipal Plan – Seniors View – This survey asked people how  they felt in 2021 following on from the Results of 2014 Community Focus Groups about the age-friendliness of Darwin municipality. Closed 8 June 2021. Outcome: Survey results referred to COTA NT CEO for her submission to Council.

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