Potential slip hazard

A leaking shower screen was a potential slip hazard and falls risk

Tiles covered in water are very slippy at the best of times, but when you’re climbing in and out of the bath or shower, the risks of slipping or falling become much greater and of course, prevention is a much better course of action than treatment! 

So it was time to treat the leak, not the home owner. The shower screen was tested to determine the location of the leak, which was then dried and cleaned. Sealant was applied to the leaking area and allowed to dry. The shower was used the next day and no more leaks or slip hazards. Job done!

Getting a leak fixed in any of the wet areas in your home is a small investment in safety for you, and those who use the same spaces.

Safety at home

You may find these sources of information useful when reviewing your safety at home.

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