Cultural expertise

Cultural expertise

Northern Territory cultural demographics

In the 2016 Census, there were 228,833 people living in the Northern Territory. Its cultural diversity is widely celebrated as one of its most enduring features and over 30% of its population was born overseas. Ancestries include Australian, English, Indigenous, Irish, Scottish, German, Filipino, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek and Dutch. The largest groups of overseas-born are from the Philippines, England, New Zealand, India and Greece.

Only 58.0% of people only speak English at home. Nearly 55,000 people living in the NT are aged over 50 and population projections suggest a doubling in the proportion of the Territory’s population
aged 65 years and above by the year 2041.*

PICAC specialist representative

Our specialist representative in the Northern Territory is Program Manager, Cecilia Chiolero. Cecilia has lived in the Northern Territory for over ten years and has long-term experience in relating to people from different cultures and backgrounds. She has worked with translators for many years and is herself fluent in Italian and English. 

NT multicultural support

Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census, Now You See Us – COTA NT and CUD Survey 2015

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