COTA NT Supporters

COTA NT thanks its Supporters for the invaluable financial and in-kind support and the services and products they provide which enable us to do the work we do.


Our Supporters enable us to become increasingly independent; they can enable our sustainability and help us continue to advocate for change.

Event Cinemas

Has supported membership
and events programs since 2015

Greenfields Living

Has been a COTA Supporter
since 2015 (more)



Up Here Photography

Supplied staff training
and promotional work since 2020





Any individual or organisation can become an acknowledged Supporter of COTA NT. Supporters’ contributions are financial or in-kind support (to the same or greater value of what it costs to be an acknowledged COTA NT Supporter). Where possible, we prefer financial support as it allows us much greater flexibility.

Become a COTA NT Supporter

  • Apply online to be a Supporter here*
    • The annual cost is $500 per year (all fees quoted are inclusive of GST)
    • Support COTA NT by paying a different amount and make a donation.

Other ways to support COTA NT

  • Upskilling Seniors If you are an organisation with IT-savvy staff, they could provide valuable iPad, computer or smartphone training to seniors, who need to know how to access online information essential to their well-being.
  • Hands-On Support Your team may help COTA NT to deliver a major event such as Seniors EXPO. It takes a small volunteer army to set up/ pack down, serve morning tea, assist visitors and provide information to stakeholders attending the event.
  • Practical Help Spillett House is over 40 years old and in order to keep it open to the seniors’ community, we require funds but also the services of “handy people” who can repair, replace or make good the fabric of the building.

Talk to us

We are more than happy to discuss options for supporting COTA. If you represent a corporate organisation looking for meaningful ways to support Territory Seniors via in-kind rather than financial support, we’d love to talk to you.

*All COTA NT Supporters are subject to approval by COTA NT’s current serving CEO.

Page updated March 2021

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