About Zoom

Zoom – Video Calling

  • You can use Zoom to participate in or host video meetings on your computer or mobile device.
  • At COTA, you can use Zoom to video call staff or to participate in activities including Fit for Life (Pilates and Seated Aerobics).
  • Zoom is a video conferencing service used for remote communication.
  • The service is similar to competitors such as Google Hangout  and Skype.
  • Its basic functions include the ability to chat and call individual contacts, as well as schedule meetings for future events.
  • IMPORTANT: If you choose to use ZOOM, please read through the ZOOM ESafety Guide published by the eSafety Commissioner and the platform’s training guidelines carefully to ensure you are using the platform safely and securely. 

Quick Start – How to get Zoom

  • For your desktop computer – Download from your browser
  • For your iPhone or Android smartphone or iPad, search for “ZOOM” in App Store or Google Play and download
    • (The mobile version of the app on iPhone, iPad, and Android offers a simplified version of the online Zoom platform, and the main tabs are found at the bottom: Meet & Chat, Meetings, Contacts, and Settings. (View more on download options).
  • You can download the latest version of Zoom from our Download CenterLearn more about downloading Zoom.

How to I use Zoom on my PC or Mac?
After downloading Zoom, learn how to use the Zoom Desktop Client.

The mobile version of the app on iPhone, iPad, and Android offers a simplified version of the online Zoom platform, and the main tabs are found at the bottom: Meet & Chat, Meetings, Contacts, and Settings. (View more on download options).

How to use Zoom like A Pro

Key tips:

  • Make sure you and your environment is presentable before joining meetings
  • Turn off notifications and remove distractions before joining meetings
  • Check your settings before you join meetings
  • Always mute your microphone and turn off your video before joining a meeting


Do you need an account to use Zoom?
A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as a participant. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without creating an account. However, if the host has restricted joining meetings using authentication profiles, then the participant will need a Zoom account to access the meeting. Learn more about joining a Zoom meeting

A Zoom account is only required if you need to create your own meetings and send invitations to participants. Having a Zoom account allows you to create your own Instant Meetings or Schedule Meetings. An account also allows you to access your personal settings, where you can update your profile or upgrade your plan at any time. 

How do I signup for Zoom?
You can sign up for a free Zoom account at

How much does Zoom cost?
A basic Zoom licence is free.

Joining a Meeting 

How do I join a Zoom meeting?
You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link or going to and entering in the meeting ID. Learn more about joining a meeting.  

How do I join computer/device audio?
On most devices, you can join computer/device audio by clicking Join Audio, Join with Computer Audio, or Audio to access the audio settings. Learn more about connecting your audio.

Can I Use Bluetooth Headset?
Yes, as long as the Bluetooth device is compatible with the computer or mobile device that you are using.

Do I have to have a webcam to join on Zoom?
While you are not required to have a webcam to join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar, you will not be able to transmit video of yourself. You will continue to be able to listen and speak during the meeting, share your screen, and view the webcam video of other participants. 

Scheduling a Meeting

How do I schedule a meeting?
You can schedule a meeting on the web, through the Zoom Desktop client or mobile app, or through one of our many integrations. Learn more about scheduling a Zoom meeting. 

How do I invite others to join my meeting?
You can invite others to join your meeting by copying the join URL or meeting invitation and sending it out via email. There are many other ways to invite others to join your meeting – learn more.

Zoom Webinars

How do I purchase a webinar license? 
To host a webinar, you need to be a licensed user and have a Zoom webinar license. You can purchase these licenses on the Billing page of your Zoom web portal.  

How do I host a webinar?
After purchasing your webinar license, you can schedule your webinar on the Webinars page of the Zoom web portal. When it’s time to start your webinar, you can start it from the Webinars page of the Zoom web portal or from the Meetings tab of your Zoom client. Learn more about getting started with Zoom webinars.

Meeting and Webinar Features

How do I share my screen?
Click Share in your meeting and choose the screen that you would like to share. Learn more about sharing your screen. 

Can I record my meeting?
All Zoom hosts can record locally to their computer unless this feature has been disabled by their Zoom account owner or admin. Hosts who are Licensed can also record to the Zoom cloud. In a Zoom meeting, press Record to start the recording. Learn more about local recording and cloud recording

Where do I find my recording?
By default, local recordings are saved to your documents folder. Cloud recordings can be found on the Recording page of your Zoom web portal. Learn more about locating your recording.

My Zoom Account 

What role do I have on my Zoom account?
You can find your role on your Account Profile page of the Zoom web portal. Learn more about the Account Profile page. 

Where can I find my account owner?
You can find your account owner on your Account Profile page of the Zoom web portal. Learn more about the Account Profile page.


My video/camera isn’t working.
Read tips on troubleshooting a camera that won’t start or show video.

There is echo in my meeting.
Echo can be caused by many things, such as a participant connected to the meeting audio on multiple devices or two participants joined in from the same local. Learn about common causes of audio echo.

Audio isn’t working on my mobile device.
Read tips on troubleshooting audio that isn’t working on your iOS or Android device.


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