Let’s deal in hard facts, not fiction

25 Jul 2017

It was interesting to read in Letters to the Editor in the NT News recently that COTA NT is supposedly saying silent on the slashing of concessions for seniors. Obviously… (read more)

Seniors and pension changes

17 Jan 2017

With Australians living longer than ever before, the number of those aged 65 and over is projected to double by 2055.  It is critical that the social security system can… (read more)

COTA NT supports national budget strategies

12 Apr 2016

COTA NT is part of the COTA Australia national policy organisation which is the national consumer peak body of a Federation of more than 1,000 seniors’ organisations and members representing… (read more)

NT seniors outraged over cutbacks

29 Mar 2016

COTA NT has been flooded with calls from seniors supporting demands for the Seniors Concessions Scheme to be reinstated to the pre-May 2014 Budget status. These seniors are angry and… (read more)

COTA NT vows to fight cuts to seniors concessions

22 Mar 2016

COTA NT watches with despair as frustrated and angry seniors are forced to write to the newspapers to vent their frustrations with the inequitable and unfair concession scheme which now… (read more)

COTA urges seniors to get help if their health or well-being jeopardized

16 Mar 2016

Elder abuse is any action or inaction by self or others that jeopardizes the health or well-being of any older adult. Any senior can become a victim of elder abuse… (read more)

Centrelink’s duty of care

9 Mar 2016

The Department of Human Services has a charter to help and support seniors through the provision of programs and various services, benefits and payments which includes providing ‘Duty of Care’…. (read more)

Pals cure loneliness

2 Mar 2016

Feeling lonely is a normal human emotion and is simply a sign of wanting contact with people. It can often happen because of external circumstances, such as loss of a… (read more)

Federal legislation gives control of home care packages and services

17 Feb 2016

Leading seniors advocate Council on the Ageing has welcomed the introduction of federal legislation which will give control of aged home care packages and services to older people for the… (read more)

Older Australians are an under-used resource

11 Feb 2016

We are quick to criticize pre-election debates and policy speeches, to analyze the speech-making and insinuations, yet when it comes to discussions on Australia’s future we’re unthinkingly accepting of the… (read more)

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