Harmony Day 2017

African themed Harmony Day for 2017

Seniors beating their own drum!

COTA NT hosted over 40 seniors at its Harmony Day celebration with an African themed lunch and drumming performance.  It was a colourful, energetic event which brought people in from the streets to see what the joyful sounds and mouth-watering smells were about.

“There was a very special energy in the room”, says COTA NT’s Lina Paselli, “with many seniors trying drumming for the first time and finding it quite addictive. It was wonderful to see everyone responding to the drumming, getting up to dance and clapping along.”

Guests sampled authentic African cuisine and learnt about Gambian and Zimbabwean cultures.

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Drums from Gambia were literally a big hit with everyone who attended

Authentic African cuisine including lamb stew, cornmeal and pilaf rice

Everjoyce Nyamusara talks about life in Zimbabwe

40 seniors attended Harmony Day 2017

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