Benefits of sponsorship

Benefits of COTA sponsorship

There are over 30,000 senior Territorians and COTA NT is uniquely positioned to help you connect to them.


Seniors are a strategic investment for a business. By partnering with COTA NT, you have opportunity…
    You target the largest, growing sector of consumers in Australia.
    You strengthen your profile in the sector and can generate new leads.
   You access a highly-targeted audience.
    You align your brand with an organisation trusted by Territory seniors.

COTA NT offers a number of sponsorship opportunities depending on your budget and objectives.

Key Program Sponsors – fund delivery of new and ongoing programs and projects which benefit a large number of Territory seniors.

Program Sponsors typically part-fund delivery of new and existing programs which benefit a smaller, targeted-number of Territory seniors.

Project Sponsors typically part-fund one-off projects through financial and in-kind support.

Event Sponsors help us to deliver special events for seniors, or assist with the promotion of a significant calendar date, by getting involved ‘hands on’ and/or assisting us through financial or in-kind support (e.g. Seniors Expo) – view event sponsorship opportunities.

Become a Sponsor

To become a COTA NT Sponsor, contact our Events and Marketing Manager.

It is helpful for both parties if you think about:

  • What you are able to contribute financially or in-kind and to what degree.
  • What type of sponsorship you are interested in: Do you prefer an ongoing relationship with COTA NT as a Key Program or Program Sponsor or short-term relationship as an Event Sponsor.
  • Which type of sponsorship best matches your field of interest, location and budget? If there isn’t one available at the moment, why not talk to us about something new.

Call 08 8941 1004 during office hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm (excluding public holidays).

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