Become a Corporate Member

Corporate members of COTA NT

The Darwin branch of the Association of Independent Retirees (AIR) is a corporate member of COTA NT. The association uses our meeting rooms and hosts events and evenings relevant to its members and other seniors in the community.

COTA NT’s corporate members are organisations, businesses and government bodies that support the work and objectives of COTA NT.

Support us in 3 ways

  1. Corporate members can choose to support our work by making a small financial contribution to COTA NT every year through corporate membership.
  2. Corporate support can be offered through in-kind support such as in-house training, workshop presentations, event volunteering and hands-on practical support.
  3. Corporate support can also be offered through financial support as a sponsor of our work helping to fund advocacy, information delivery, events and programs in peer education, volunteering, health and fitness, multicultural and social.

Apply to be a corporate member

Visit our corporate members page to apply.

Benefits to corporate supporters