Guidelines for age-friendly social activities

Checklist for age-friendly social participation


Morning teas are always popular

If you are running age-friendly social activities, consider following the guidelines below:

  • A location that is convenient to older people with affordable, flexible transportation
  • The option of participation with friend or caregiver
  • Timing of events which are convenient for older people during the day
  • Admission to an event is open (no membership required) – admission is a quick one-stop process that does not require older people to queue for a long time
  • Events and activities are affordable with no hidden costs
  • A wide range of activities is available to appeal to a diverse population of older people
  • Community activities which encourage participation of people of different ages and cultural backgrounds
  • Facilities are accessible
  • Activities and events are well-communicated to older people
  • Facilities are used for multi-purpose.

Further information

More information about age-friendly communities including guidelines for social participation are published by the World Health Organisation (Global Age Friendly Cities – A Guide).

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