Stay Connected

Stay connected

COTA NT is aiming to maintain its connections and support for senior Territorians, and now more than ever, it’s important for our community to maintain its connections and keep having those essential conversations. It’s not business as usual, but here is what we are doing at the moment to stay connected with you.


Staying home

Take a look at our ideas sheets on how to stay busy, stay active and stay connected when you are asked to stay at home. We encourage you to read them, print and share them! 


  • Spillett House is currently open Monday to Fridays, 10am to 2pm only (restrictions for visitors do apply – see below)
  • 08 8941 1004 – Call us if you need help, support and information
  • Use our webchat facility to chat using online messaging.



  • You can volunteer for COTA NT and other organisations helping older people living in the community who may not have friends, family or neighbours to support them. You can register via this online form.
  • Territorians are being asked to stay close to home at the moment, but you don’t have to go far to be of help to others. Helping out in your community could be as simple as dropping a note in an elderly neighbour’s letterbox to ask if they’d like you to pick up their groceries, (or sharing clean, old books and toys with a nearby family whose kids are quickly getting bored stuck at home. (See COTA NT’s note templates, are available in colour and black and white print. Free to use and download).
  • Other things you may want to consider: donating blood (Casuarina Centre, Darwin).

How to Help Senior Australians

Coronavirus video – Supporting Older Australians

This video give you tips on how to support older Australians through coronavirus.

  • Keep in contact regularly with older neighbours, friends and family.
  • Set them up to use technology, then plan a regular time to connect.
  • Cook a meal and leave it at their front door or offer to run errands.
  • You could drop a note in their mailbox, or chat over the fence.


COTA NT Have Your Say – COVID-19 – Survey 2020

We want to hear from you about the current coronavirus crisis. We are gathering this information at COTA NT to understand better the impact the crisis is having on our members and senior Territorians aged 50+. We will then be better placed to determine what our role can be and what support we can offer during this time. We want to hear about your thoughts and about the precautions being put in place to manage the situation. Click here to take part in the survey.

Entry to Spillett House

To minimise risk to our staff and community, please do not enter Spillett House, if you are unwell with cough or fever (or other respiratory systems), or if you have not isolated yourself for at least 14 days following overseas travel

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