Tom Rees

Tom Rees

The Tai Chi for Health program hosted by COTA NT was created by Dr Paul Lam of the Tai Chi Health Institute. 

Tom started practicing Tai Chi at the age of 65 after a heart bypass surgery as a recovery exercise and developed an appreciation of the importance of remaining active for older Australians. He studied with Bernard Lee and decided to study an instructors course in Tai Chi when Bernard was taken ill. Tom undertook further study at the Tai Chi for Health Institute under Dr Paul Lam, completing Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 modules.

Contact Tom

If you have any questions about Tai Chi for Health or Tai Chi for Arthritis, or any of his other classes, you can contact Tom on 0439 844 115 (please leave a message if he is unable to answer the phone).



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