Sharon Kelly

Sharon Kelly

Sharon has instructed Pilates and Seated Aerobics at COTA NT for many years. She has worked within the fitness industry for many years and is a qualified Group Fitness instructor. Sharon particularly enjoys Pilates and other balance, co-ordination and flexibility programs. 

In 2020, Sharon created new ways of extended the reach of her classes to the Territory’s “Super Agers” by creating a Super Ageing YouTube channel of online classes and inviting people to attend classes by Zoom.

  • View the Super Aging YouTube channel and subscribe to receive automatic notifications of new releases
  • Visit Sharon’s Super Ageing website for more information on classes, joining live classes by Zoom or simply to ‘say hello’ and touch base with Sharon about how you can start health and fitness classes.

Sharon in her own words…

My enthusiasm for the fitness industry began in my 20s, when I first discovered weight training.  My initial gym sessions rapidly gave way to full time employment in the industry with the Alawa Gym, first as an instructor then graduating to personal trainer and eventually the Facilities Manager.

Now in the best years of my life (early 60s), I juggle personal training, group classes, PT clients along with running a small business in Winnellie with my husband, Carl. The focus of my training is “Quality of Life”.  I love teaching classes and challenging participants to do better whilst having fun.   

In my earlier years of training, the focus was on weights.  I still train in the gym a couple of days a week due to the benefits of weight bearing exercises as we age.  Bone density, weight management, heart health….. the list of benefits is endless!

However, my primary focus now is posture, flexibility, mobility and functional movement patterns.  This is what led me to my passion for Pilates approximately 16 years ago. Influenced by my teachers, peers and clients, the environment and my personal experience and travels, I endeavour to bring a sense of empowerment to each of my classes.  My goal is to have all my participants leave each class feeling refreshed, energised and renewed, keen to get on with life again.

Although always challenging, both physically and mentally, my classes are tailored to suit the class and their capabilities.   I like to include demonstrations and will assist “hands on” where possible to ensure both safety and correct technique. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible down at COTA.

See you there
Sharon Kelly

Contact Sharon

If you have any questions about Pilates or Seated Aerobics for seniors, or any of her other classes, you can contact Sharon on 0438 890 089 (please leave a message if she is unable to answer the phone).





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