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Seated Aerobics


Pilates classes for seniors are held at COTA NT in Spillett House every Wednesday morning (with the exception of public holidays and instructor ‘rest days’). Seated Aerobics is part of our Fit for Life program, which encourages seniors to stay healthy, grow stronger and to improve their mobility, strength, flexibility and balance.

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Supported by Regis Aged Care & Regis Home Care 



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About Seated Aerobics

The seated aerobics classes held at COTA for the over 50s have been specifically designed by instructor, Sharon Kelly for those who want to keep active, but cannot join in with activities such as walking, cycling, pilates or aerobics classes. The gentle sitting exercises taught by Sharon can also be done at home and are designed to help improve mobility and prevent falls. 

“Attended my first Chair Pilates class last week and loved it. I felt this class would suit people who have back issues and are unable to do exercise on the floor. Sharon was terrific and I was surprised how hard we worked. I intend making it a regular when I am in town. Thanks Steph and Sharon.” Suzie Berger