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LITT circuit: Low intensity interval training

Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) is part of our Fit for Life program, which encourages seniors to stay healthy, grow stronger and to improve their mobility, strength, flexibility and balance. Classes have resumed for COTA NT members at Spillett House (July 2020) during August with a limit of 10 people attending.

Classes must be pre-booked. If classes are full, we encourage other interested participants to join by ZOOM (contact Sharon directly for more information on 0438 890 089). For class schedules and bookings, visit our online calendar (or call us on 8941 1004 during office hours). If you can book online for face-to-face classes, we strongly advise doing so – you will require your COTA membership number.

Face to face classes in Spillett House (Darwin) are normally held on Thursday mornings.

Program Sponsor

Classes have been designed for 50+ by Sharon from Results Personal Health & Fitness Training for a LITT Circuit (low intensity interval training). They offer a great way to improve your muscular strength, endurance and cardio respiratory system and you choose your level of intensity to suit you.  Different stations targeting both strength and cardio.

  • Class includes: 5 minute warm up, 30 minute circuit and 5 minute cool down.

What to expect:

  • Flexibility – proper technique improve flexibility
  • Aerobic – move through variety of stations (high knees, heel taps, * heel to glute taps and more)
  • Strength – dumbbells, squats and push up.

Contact Sharon for information. Phone: 0438 890 089
Classes cost $5 for members, $7 for non-members. During Seniors Month (August) the first class is free.
*This series of classes is funded by the Living Longer Living Stronger program.

Before you attend

  • check with your doctor first before starting any exercise program if you have any concerns regarding your fitness level, ability or skill or undertake this activity, you should seek the appropriate independent advice
  • before your first sessions, you must fill in a Pre-Exercise Screening form and raise any health concerns with the instructor
  • register your attendance (which includes agreement to a voluntary assumption of risk: that you undertake the class at your own risk and acknowledge and voluntarily accept the level of risk consequent with that activity)
  • bring comfortable clothes and shoes, drink bottle and towel
  • meet your instructor, Sharon Kelly.

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