Fit for Life

Fit for life 

COTA NT supports a range of health, fitness and well-being classes in its Fit for Life program. The classes mentioned below are all held at COTA NT’s head office in Spillett House, 65 Smith Street, Darwin and are discounted for COTA NT Members (but open to all). For more seniors’ fitness classes view the Territory Seniors Calendar. 

If you want to download/ share our activity flyers with your friends, please click on the PDF files: pilates, strongandfunctionalmusicaljamseatedaerobics, taichi, yoga

*COTA NT membership card must be shown before each session to qualify for the discount (view more information about COTA NT membership).

Our Fit for Life partners

    • Pilates, Strong and Functional, Seated Aerobics, Zoom classes – Sharon Kelly Superageing 0438 890 089 (also takes bookings online)
    • Tai Chi – Tom Rees 0439 844 115 
    • Leave a message if they are unable to answer your call. If you are unable to reach your instructor, please call COTA NT 08 8941 1004. Any enquiries about which class is best suited for you, should be to instructors and not COTA NT staff.

What to bring

  • For Pilates, you must bring your own mat.
  • For all classes, you are required to bring your own pen for sign-in and your own water bottle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • If you are unwell cough or fever (or other respiratory systems), or if you have not isolated yourself for at least 14 days following overseas travel, you are not permitted to attend.

Fit for Life Classes Online

You can also view COTA NT online Fit for Life classes here
Please note advice from Sharon on how to use the classes before you begin. Do send us your feedback about the classes, as we can’t ask you in person.

About our Fit for Life program 

  • The instructors for health and fitness-based programs hosted by COTA NT are appropriately qualified and have a duty of care towards patrons.
  • However, before your first session, you must follow the ‘Before you attend’ guidelines below.
  • COTA NT offers participation in health, well being and fitness sessions at the lowest cost possible to participants (in line with WHO age-friendly guidelines) and to encourage as much participation as possible.
  • Participants are encouraged to socialise before and after each class.
  • Most classes start from 9.30am to suit most seniors’ preferred times.

Before you attend

  • check with your doctor first before starting any exercise program
  • if you have any concerns regarding your fitness level, ability or skill or undertake this activity, you should seek the appropriate independent advice.
  • before your first sessions, you must fill in a Pre-Exercise Screening form and raise any health concerns with the instructor
  • register your attendance (which includes agreement to a voluntary assumption of risk: that you undertake the class at your own risk and acknowledge and voluntarily accept the level of risk consequent with that activity).

Other activities

There are many programs offered by other organisations, service providers and businesses. If you can’t find an activity hosted by COTA NT, please view those listed on the Territory Seniors Calendar.

Page updated:16 February 2023

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