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COTA NT run a number of programs with the assistance of Territory and Commonwealth funding. Some programs are independently run and self-financing. The extend to which COTA can extend its programs to all Territory seniors is dependent on the level of funding received; either through service level agreements, grants or sponsorship. (Find out more about becoming a COTA sponsor).

Aged Care Navigators (ACN)

COTA NT’s Aged Care Navigators (ACN) program provides information and support for seniors, their families and friends about aged care services. (Read more).

Fit for Life

COTA NT organise classes specifically catering for a seniors such as Seated Aerobics and Pilates. Class participants are asked for a small donation to cover instructors’ fee. COTA NT pays all other associated expenses. (Read more about Fit for Life and scheduled activities).

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Knowledge for Life

Workshops and information sessions designed to give seniors the information they need to make the best decisions in regard to: health, fitness, nutrition, finance, cyber security, safety, retirement planning, advance personal plans (making living will), first aid and more. (Read more about Knowledge for Life and scheduled activities).

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We provide membership services to organisational (i.e. financial) Members of COTA NT. Members receive benefits such as access to our Home Maintenance Service,  Members Only website detailing discounts, special offers, members only events, ONE COTA national magazine (non-digital) mail-out and more. (Read about COTA NT membership program).

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Multicultural Affairs Sponsorship Program (MASP)

This program enables seniors from diverse multicultural backgrounds to stay connected with their communities, engage socially with speakers of their first language and feel valued for their past and ongoing contribution to community life. MASP includes: Italian, Portugese and Timorese seniors’ group outings led by volunteers and supported by COTA volunteer drivers, multicultural luncheons and activities. (Read more about MASP).

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Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC)

The Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC) initiative was developed in 1997. The PICAC project was developed to improve the capacity of aged care services to respond to the differing needs of older people in residential aged care facilities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. PICAC is funded by Commonwealth Government. (Read more about PICAC and PICAC activities run by COTA NT).

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Peer Education

Volunteers can become speakers for peer education programs or facilitate social group activities. Peer educators and group facilitators are supported by COTA NT and/or its partners to give talks and provide information to seniors about issues such as health and well-being, basic computer and internet skills, mobile phone usage and internet safety. (Read more about the COTA Peer Education program).

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Seniors Card

The Seniors Card is a free card providing transport concessions and participating business discounts on a range of goods and services. To be eligible you must be a resident of the Territory, 60 years of age or over, and not working more than a set numbers of hours per week in paid employment. The Seniors Card program has been managed by COTA NT since February 2018 on behalf of the Northern Territory Government. (Visit the NT Seniors Card website for more information).

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Seniors Month

Seniors Month is held in August each year in the Northern Territory and provides a great opportunity to celebrate the positive aspects of ageing and the contribution that Territory Seniors make to their community. It is managed and supported by the Office of Senior Territorians. (Read more about Seniors Month).

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Volunteer Program

COTA NT’s volunteer program enables members to take an active part in COTA NT and assist with the organisation’s continued development. Our program is designed to have a dual role.  It seeks to use the talents, combined experience and skills of our membership base while providing opportunities for volunteers to engage in tasks where they can develop new or existing skills and actively contribute to their organisation. (Read more about COTA volunteering).

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