Planning Successful Presentations

Planning successful presentations

We have found the tips below have worked really well, when we plan our workshops and presentations for seniors.
Remember: Not too late, not too long and don’t start until everyone can see and hear you comfortably.

  1. Length Aim to make a typical information-based workshop or seminar between 45 minutes and one hour in duration.
  2. A longer session at Spillett House (Darwin) should not run any longer than two hours (due to 2 hour city parking restrictions, most people will leave sessions early).
  3. Refreshments Make sure that tea/coffee, water and biscuits are available (at Spillett House, pre-order if you are not a regular user of the rooms). Morning tea is always popular – and a lunch even more so.
  4. Any other refreshments provided should be healthy and nutritious options, and wherever possible catering for diabetic, gluten-free dietary requirements.
  5. Keep all refreshments refrigerated or covered until serving. Make tongs available to avoid unnecessary handling. Consider using packaged portions.
  6. Housekeeping and Health and Safety guidelines must be announced before each presentation (click for House Keeping Notes for Spillett House)
  7. Presenters are encouraged to use a (hand-held or roving) microphone to enable all participants to hear what is being said.
  8. Presenters are encouraged to speak slowly and enunciate clearly.
  9. Presentations should be interactive wherever possible, humour (where relevant) helps to keep people engaged and interested in the topic.
  10. Take-homes Samples to show, information brochures and/ or giveaways are always appreciated by participants.
  11. Facilities PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos and Internet resources can be viewed using the provided laptop and monitor in the large meeting room (presentations should be brought on USB sticks). ZOOM is also now available – but if you are using this facility, it is highly recommended that you have a run-through of set up prior to your activity day.
  12. Keep it entertaining. Keep it relevant. 

COTA meeting rooms

If you wish to make use of COTA NT’s large activity room or board room at Spillett House in Darwin, please view details here

Further information

More information about age-friendly communities including guidelines for social participation are published by the *World Health Organisation (Global Age Friendly Cities – A Guide).

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