See Me Know Me

See Me Know Me is a campaign devised by Meaningful Ageing Australia and PICAC NT is pleased to help support its efforts.

The campaign is designed to encourage everyone who is ageing – that is, everyone over the age of 30 – to feel valued as they age. It can start by reminding ourselves that ageing is normal. It can continue by challenging ourselves and others not to put up with negative jokes or stereotypes about what it means to age. Lewis Richmond talks about the ‘lightning bolt’ moment when you realise that YOU are ageing. This can happen at all sorts of times, and all sorts of ages. It’s not really about the numbers.

What makes us who we are

If you are choosing the right aged care it’s important to find an organisation that will see beyond the surface and get to know who you are – know what gives you purpose, know what you believe and know what connects you to life. Make sure they not only see you but know you.


Posters (visit the Meaningful Ageing Australia website to download your choice of posters)

Kits in language contain posters, conversations and thought-starters.

Tips for using the resources