Migration Stories from the NT

Migration stories NT

 Lilliana’s story

While other people fear the thought of growing old, Liliana, an Italian-born woman, shares her story of facing life with grace and a positive outlook about ageing in the Northern Territory.

Cesarina’s story

Cesarina’s migration story will touch your heart as she opens up her home to tell her extraordinary migration story that is part of Darwin’s extraordinary and unique multicultural cultural scene today.

Meng’s story

Meng Hoeschte is an example of how ageing doesn’t change your young adventurous spirit. This is a lovely and heartfelt story of a young Singaporean girl  who left her family in Singapore to adventure all the way to Australia and made Darwin her home ever since.

Cyclone Tracy in 1974 did leave scars, but now as a senior, Meng happily lives in Howard Springs, enjoys creating glass artwork and is ageing gracefully on her beautiful 5 acre property, opening her home to friends and visitors and finally indulging on the things she didn’t when she was younger such as full cream milk, cheese and sweet buns!