Aged Care Charter

Charter of Aged Care Rights

Charter of Aged Care Rights

In 1998, the Australian Government issued a ‘Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society’. The Charter is intended to commit all government service providers to integrating the Charter’s seven principles into their strategic planning, policy and corporate reporting processes. 

Charter of Aged Care Rights

In a culturally diverse society like Australia this means making services culturally appropriate, accessible, consumer-oriented and effective. To that end, the seven principles of the Charter are:

  • access
  • equity
  • communication
  • responsiveness
  • effectiveness
  • efficiency
  • and accountability.

Under the Aged Care Charter 1997 older people from non-English speaking (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds are identified as a special needs group. As such, specific policy and programs have been designed to enhance the access of these people to aged care services, as well as build capacity for aged care providers to deliver culturally appropriate care.

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