Overview of Event Planning for Seniors

Overview of event planning for seniors

Event planning 

These broad guidelines from the World Health Organisation are a great place to start. See also our Tips for planning successful workshops/talks/seminars.

If you are running social activities for seniors or older Territorians, consider following the broad guidelines below:

    1. Find a location that is convenient to older people with affordable, flexible transportation and/or parking.
    2. Give the option of participation with friend or caregiver.
    3. Time your events which are both convenient for older people (early) during the day and appropriate to the climate (e.g. heat, humidity, wet).
    4. Try to make admission to an event is open (no membership required).
    5. Make entry/check-in as quick a process as possible that does not require older people to stand queuing for a long time.
    6. Keep events and activities are affordable with no hidden or surprise costs.
    7. Organise a wide range of activities  to appeal to a diverse population and to keep people engaged and interested.
    8. Encourage people of different ages and cultural backgrounds to participate.
    9. Ensure your venue’s facilities are accessible (bathrooms and kitchens)
    10. Activities and events are well-communicated to older people in a variety of ways – press/print as well as digital.

Venue option – COTA meeting rooms

If you wish to make use of COTA NT’s large activity room or board room at Spillett House in Darwin, please view details here 

Further information

More information about age-friendly communities including guidelines for social participation are published by the *World Health Organisation (Global Age Friendly Cities – A Guide).


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