Would seniors scoot around the CBD?

29 Jan 2019

Would you use a scooter in Darwin’s CBD?

I recently did an interview on ABC Radio’s morning programme regarding lime scooters. These are motorised foot-scooters currently being trialled in Brisbane as part of a sharing scheme brought to Australia by Californian tech start-up, Lime. Users download an app, sign up and for a minimal cost unlock a scooter and travel before dropping them off for the next year. Users must wear a helmet and scooters are designed to travel up to 23 kmph. E-scooters can provide low cost, low pollution travel, but there is some debate (as with bicycles) around safe and proper usage, particularly on shared pathways.

In this morning’s interview, I suggested that a first step for Darwin’s CBD would be to launch a trial with strict guidelines with scooters calibrated to 5kmph on pedestrian pathways. I think some adventurous seniors would use e-scooters to travel around the CBD, plus they would be a drawcard for tourists, especially those from cruise ships. Apparently, Harold Scruby, CEO of the Pedestrian Council of Australia in NSW was appalled that we would even countenance the idea of a trial. Could e-scooters be trialled here in Darwin – what do you think?

If you haven’t already confirmed your NT Concessions Scheme or your NT Seniors Recognition Scheme enrolment, please contact Territory Families urgently. To clear up ongoing confusion, the NT Seniors Card, (which COTA NT delivers on behalf of the NT Government) is not the same as the new NT Seniors Recognition Scheme, which offers the $500 payment for use for travel. COTA NT has also been informed that people who were experiencing long delays for refunds for travel have been reimbursed. 


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