What political parties are saying on the issues that matter to us

6 May 2022

The 2022 Federal Election is so far proving to be positive for Older Australians. Not only are we seeing competing  but strong commitments from the major parties on fixing aged care, but also policy releases from many parties  in a range of other areas including retirement incomes, concessions, lowering the cost of PBS medicines, and more.

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COTA Australia have put up a page here where you can see what political parties are saying on the issues that matter to us.

That page is built around our major statement An Agenda for Government from Older Australians – Policy Recommendations for the 47th Parliament. We made our recommendations in that way, rather than for “election policies”, because Older Australians are better off when there is consensus, rather than  contest, about the policies that matter to and directly affect us. COTA Australia will continue to work with everyone across the Parliament for the benefit of Older Australians, no matter the outcome of the election.

Aged care 

Retirement income


Older workers


Older women

Digital literacy

Social inclusion

Voluntary assisted dying laws

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