URGENT! VAD laws under attack

28 Nov 2022

Our Voluntary Assisted Dying laws are under attack and we need your help

This week opponents made a direct threat to Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws across Australia.

Please email your Senators today. It only takes two minutes and has a real impact. (click here)

Speaking in Australian Parliament on Thursday, Senator Jonathon Duniam asked for changes to the Restoring Territory Rights Bill to dictate the kind of VAD laws that can operate in Australia. His changes not only delay territory rights but could also put at risk VAD laws in every state – by restricting what VAD medications can be used. Without your email, there is a risk that Senators will vote for amendments that seem minor, but could damage and dismantle VAD laws for all Australians. Make no mistake: Senator Duniam and opponents like him do not believe VAD is acceptable in any circumstances. 

This reminds us that passing VAD laws is not enough – we must also defend them. Especially when opponents like Senator Duniam and Senator Sarah Henderson are determined to wind them back. Senator Henderson said on Thursday: “When Victoria passed its voluntary assisted dying laws I described that day as a very black day for Victoria. I hope that we are able to change the law in Victoria.”

Our ask to the Senate is clear: Please protect our VAD laws.

Please email your Senators today. It only takes two minutes and has a real impact.

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