The place where seniors have their space launches  

18 May 2021

COTA NT have launched a new website NT Seniors Voice ( Formally known as a “stakeholder relationship management” (SRM) tool, the website is simply an online place where seniors get  space to have their say, get involved with conversations and consultations hosted by COTA NT, chat, contribute and be heard.

“As the peak body advocating for seniors in the Northern Territory, it is extremely important that we hear from our stakeholders as their voices help to inform and shape our work,” said Stephanie Kendall, Community Engagement & Communications, NT Seniors Voice. “We are always looking for innovative ways to connect to the community and hope that our increasingly tech-savvy community gets on board with this new tool for communicating with us.

“We are launching NT Seniors Voice with two conversations – the first, timed to coincide with National Volunteers Week is a survey of senior Volunteers. This survey will provide data on how many hours senior Volunteers contribute as formal and informal volunteers. We can put a dollar amount to those hours and claim recognition for senior Volunteers for what we already know is going on behind the scenes.

“The second conversation asks for community collaboration in providing an online Community Resources Kit for a very special event coming to the Territory later in the year.”

NT Seniors Voice is also a COTA NT print (and online) publication which enables seniors and stakeholders to keep abreast of news, events, consultations and policies relevant to them. Currently the print edition is published bi-monthly and distributed to libraries, electoral offices and shopping centres. Sponsors are sought to ensure this publication’s continuation in print.


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Stephanie Kendall 08 8941 1004 (email: )


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