Staying safe in the real and digital worlds

27 Mar 2018

Join the AISA presentation on Thursday 29 March to find out how to safe and secure online

It’s been good to see the community rallying together after Cyclone Marcus and we owe a debt of thanks to the emergency crews, volunteers and workers who work tirelessly to restore services and infrastructure. At COTA NT, staff and volunteers reopened Spillett House following one day of ‘make safe’ in the city. We are not out of cyclone season yet, so remember to plan and prepare your kits and shelter. (A guide to planning for cyclones for seniors is available all year round on the COTA website and a printed copy can be picked up at Spillett House for anyone requiring a copy.)

You may already be aware of the $250 Immediate Relief Payment available to households who have been without mains power for more than 72 hours following Cyclone Marcus. Forms can be downloaded and pre-filled to minimise wait times, but they will need to be assessed at the temporary Welfare Recovery Centres. For details of these centres, support and more information, call Recovery 1800 700 250 (select option 4).

Staying safe is a priority for all of us, and not just in the physical world.  As ever more of our communications, information and transactions happen in the digital environment, how to stay safe and secure online is something we should all find out about. The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) identified that people over the age of 55 account for four out of 10 victims of cyber fraud scams. Using technology – every day communications tools like email and social media, online shopping, banking and searching for information – can, and should be, something to enjoy.

COTA NT and Australian Information Security Association (AISA) will be hosting a session on how to be safe and secure online on Thursday 29 of March at Spillett House, 10am start (bookings required 8941 1004). This is our last activity before the COTA offices close for the Easter public holidays.

~ Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT


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