Remove road blocks to get NT back on track

23 Apr 2019

After perusing the Territory Government’s plan for repairing the budget, the sale of the Integrated Land Information System (ILIS) appears to be quite innovative. However, we would caution that costs of purchasing information for the sale of a property or other information pertaining to property, when it is in the hands of private enterprise, do not become prohibitive. It is interesting to note that other states are also selling this particular asset. At present it currently costs $27.40 for a copy of a housing title and $23.00 for a unit title plan. If these costs do increase, it will obviously be passed on to all users which could then increase the cost of purchasing or selling property. Not something that will help a real estate market already in slow down.

Another concern is the 3% efficiency that will apply to grants. Some not for profits who receive grants will have to seriously look at their performance, just as major Territory departments will also be under more scrutiny. We do applaud the pay freeze on politicians and public service executives. It is tough times and we all must carry the load, not just the private sector. The reduction in executive positions is also heartening, as is the reduction of red tape which may attract more private investment. As mentioned in previous articles, COTA NT has been approached by two developers wishing to develop facilities in relation to aged care and seniors’ housing. They should be given top priority and met with open arms by the Territory Government, not presented with road blocks.

Overall, we knew some hard decisions had to be made and it would appear the Territory Government has done this, but please, no more blaming past or future governments. We just need to pull together and get our home, the Territory, on track.  

~ Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT


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