Pensioner and concessions scheme rumours causing distress

20 Jun 2017

COTA NT has been contacted by seniors in the Territory community regarding the changes to the pensioner and concessions scheme.

Unfortunately there are a lot of rumours and innuendo out in the community and this is causing a lot of distress to our seniors.

As advised earlier this year, a discussion paper is being prepared as we speak and will be available mid to late July for all our seniors to comment on.

There will be forums throughout the Territory. The paper will also be available online and organisations and individuals will be able to comment and voice their concerns and add their suggestions.

Some seniors might say this is taking too long and this is contributing to the angst in the seniors’ community. Yes, it probably has taken too long, but let’s get it right this time.

This will ensure that the Territory has the best concessions in Australia to assist our seniors with the cost of living and help to retain our seniors whilst still remaining, fair, equitable and sustainable.

So please don’t listen to the whispers and rumours.

Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT



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