Peak Body COTA NT and National Seniors Call on NT Government to Satisfy Election Promise for NT Seniors Lifestyle Accommodation

26 Feb 2021

Seniors Lifestyle Accommodation project looks to be back at the starting line

A Government-commissioned report by KPMG in 2016 confirmed what seniors’ advocacy groups have long been aware of. That in inner Darwin, Darwin rural and Alice Springs there is a shortage of seniors’ accommodation, of aged care beds and the type of residences that senior Territorians want to live in as they grow older.

Having sought Expressions of Interest and Detailed Proposals for the development of Seniors Lifestyle Accommodation projects in Darwin, Darwin rural areas and Alice Springs, it was quietly announced that resulting Proposals have – apparently after detailed consideration – all been declined by the NT Government as they did not represent “value for the Territory.”

“It appears both Government and its senior constituents’ wishes for modern community living, appropriate for ageing-in-place, are back at – or arguably even below – Ground Zero,” said Sue Shearer, CEO, COTA NT.

“Understandably, frustration is kicking in as almost five years later, this election promise is still not any closer to being realised.”

“While we can understand the fiscal inhibitors, from an economic standpoint Territorians need Government to invest in the Territory’s future. We need seniors’ lifestyle accommodation built that suits and showcases our region.  This choice for retirement and lifestyle living options is for the Baby Boomer generation that helped to build the Territory; it is for future generations of Territorians who want to grow old in their Territory and it could be for Australians living in other parts of Australia, who would choose to live, to spend and to invest here too.

“We should provide living options for older Territorians sooner rather than later; or not be surprised that people vote with their feet and decamp and downsize to live in other more accommodating States. The Territory is a region of opportunity – of Boundless Possible. We urge the present NT Government to satisfy its election promises and turn wishes into reality.”


Media Contact: Sue Shearer 0408 987 751

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