NT Seniors Voice seeks support from Advertisers

24 Sep 2021

NT Seniors Voice is a news sheet produced by COTA NT for NT stakeholders online and in print.

In its interactions with seniors, COTA NT staff members are often told that people wish to read their news from a printed paper source in preference to reading digitally using tablets, computers or smartphones. COTA NT has published its news online since 2014 with PDFs available to download, but in 2021 rebranded its newsletter as NT Seniors Voice and made the conscious decision to make it available both online and in print from websites AND physical sources.

NT Seniors Voice is printed in-house by COTA NT and distributed with the assistance of staff, volunteers and the postal service to Electoral offices, libraries, community and shopping centres throughout the Northern Territory. It is also made available from COTA NT’s offices in Darwin and Alice Springs.

In order to meet the ongoing costs of postage, NT Seniors Voice is making space available for a limited number of paid advertisements per issue. Costs starts from $150 inc GST. If your organisation wishes to advertise to a niche, target markets of NT Stakeholders, primary aged over 50 years of age, then this space is perfect.

The Rate Card is available here.

For more information

To book your advertising space and discuss your options, please contact the Editor in the first instance by online form or by calling COTA NT on 08 8941 1004 during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm).

Contact NT Seniors Voice Editor, Stephanie Kendall 

2022 Survey

We are interested to hear from people in regard to their news reading preferences and aim to launch a survey, online and in print, about finding out more in 2022.

“Older people increased their online activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for communication and entertainment. They were more likely to have just started or increased video conferencing and consuming video online. Interestingly, while their behaviours have changed considerably, older people’s views of the digital world remain circumspect. The majority continue to feel overwhelmed by technological change, and may be largely unmotivated to find out more.”

The Digital Lives of Older People: Australian Communications and Media Authority


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