NT Seniors are a force to be reckoned with

19 Oct 2017

Time to reflect on the work that the organisation has done over the last 12 months

At the COTA Annual General Meeting last week in front of a good turnout of members, it was time to reflect on the work that the organisation has done over the last 12 months and to thank staff and volunteers including Board members for another year of service. The organisation also welcomed new faces to its Board for service through to 2019.

During the last 12 months, COTA represented the interests of senior Territorians on numerous councils and committees including: the Ministerial Advisory Council for Senior Territorians (MAC-ST), Independent Seniors Roundtables, Power and Water Customer Advisory Council and Homelessness Strategy for Territory Housing. COTA has met the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment regarding strategies around more flexibility in the NT government for seniors and has met with various Ministers and the Opposition regarding the health needs of seniors as they age and the budget. COTA NT was also invited to be a part of the NT Treasury lock down in May.

Last year, COTA NT called for a review of the Northern Territory’s Pensioners and Carers Concession Scheme which was undertaken in late July. The response from the community to the Have Your Say survey and petition generated the biggest response that any government in the Northern Territory has received.

Nationally COTA NT took an active role in COTA Australia deliberations, federation meetings, the National Policy Council and Executive Co-Ordination Group. As part of its work to support seniors in the Territory through social and community engagement, COTA has also run Seniors Expo, Seniors Month activities, FECCA, MASP and PICAC programs which support seniors from multicultural backgrounds, ongoing programs in fitness and well-being, information workshops and presentations around health, wellness and finance.

Our work was once again underpinned by the support of volunteers who donated over 2,500 hours of service. At a conservative estimate, this work would have a dollar value of over $100,000. It is clear that seniors are a force to be reckoned with and COTA NT will continue to pursue favourable outcomes for them.

Stephanie Kendall, Events & Communications, COTA NT



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