Media Release – COTA NT welcomes certainty for Territory seniors

8 Nov 2017

COTA NT’s CEO Sue Shearer is pleased that seniors finally have certainty regarding the NT Pensioners and Carers Concessions Scheme review, with the Territory Government providing 10-15% more funds for the scheme, which is the most generous in Australia for seniors. However, there would still be some disparity.

“While the NT government has stuck to their election promise of reviewing the NTPCCS scheme, and provided more than their election promise to those seniors who were disenfranchised by the previous government, some seniors will still not be treated equally,” says COTA CEO, Sue Shearer.

 “COTA NT believes in equality, diversity and choice, and with this new scheme, it would appear that there are three tiers to the new Concession scheme. Seniors who are the recipients of the Aged Cared Pension will still receive all the current concessions, plus an annual payment of $500. Seniors who were grandfathered will keep their concessions and receive $500. Seniors who were disenfranchised by the previous government will now receive $500, which is extremely good news.

“However, while the annual $500 payment is now for each and every senior, and an increase from the current payment $350 (which was the original election promise by the Gunner Government, and is intended to acknowledge seniors and their contribution to the Territory), we would still like to see all seniors being treated equally, especially with Power and Water bills making up 44% of current household bills.”

“COTA NT does support the capping of the electricity and water to the regional average in the new Concession scheme, as unfortunately some users were receiving abnormally high concessions”.

“Overall this is an extremely good start for the Concessions Scheme, however we will continue to lobby the NT Government on behalf of ALL seniors in the Territory to be treated equally.”

Media contact: Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT Telephone Number 0490 074 220

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