Media Release: COTA NT calls for urgent action by Darwin Residential Care Home

24 Apr 2020

Pearl Residential Care Home continues to deny families visit to their loved ones

COTA NT calls on the Pearl Supported Care in Darwin to have families visit their loved ones. COTA NT has received numerous calls from distressed and desperate family members denied access to visit and even to view their family members, who reside at the Pearl residential care home.

“Mrs Ng usually visits her husband daily to assist with his care, especially with feeding and she stays for the extended time he needs to consume his meals. This is the first time they have been separated in 50 years,” reports Sue Shearer, COTA NT’s CEO. “As Mr Ng has advanced dementia, he has returned to the Chinese dialect of his youth and his wife is the only person with whom he can communicate. His remaining time on this earth when he can emotionally connect with Mrs Ng is limited and she is extremely distressed that she hasn’t been with him in over six weeks.”

(release is continued)


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