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6 Aug 2020

COTA NT aims to undertakes regular surveys of its members and Territory seniors as part of its advocacy on their behalf. For more information on our advocacy and surveys, please contact the organisation’s CEO.

In May to August last year, we conducted a short survey, completed by senior Territorians aged 50 and over. Its primary purpose was to survey those seniors attending our Seniors Expo in 2019, in particular those attendees from regional areas such as Katherine and Alice Springs.

The 2019 COTA NT survey was distributed and filled out in paper form by 95 respondents. Most of the respondents were aged between 65-69 years old and nearly 80% had lived in the Territory for more than 15 years, and would continue to live in the Territory beyond the next five years (69%).

You can read the full report COTA NT 2019 Survey Report.
The report includes a copy of the survey that was filled in and as you’ll see, the survey was based around the following topics:

  • Demographics
  • Residency in the Northern Territory
  • Crime and security
  • Financial security
  • Physical and mental well-being
  • Quality of life and concerns.

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