Land tax an unfair burden

6 Feb 2018

You may recall that before Christmas, the NT Government released a discussion paper on NT Territory Revenue and how best to raise revenue in the Territory.

One of the easiest ways that the government has suggested for raising revenue is the good old land tax. COTA NT definitely would not support this impost on any Territorian. The cost implications on fixed and low-income families and seniors would be hard to bear. Businesses would also have to pass this cost on and we would see another financial burden to bear.

COTA NT believes that renewals of licences, mutual recognition and liquor licences should all be targeted and increased. As an example, an application for a liquor licence costs only $200. With our incessant (and increasing) alcohol consumption, we believe that should be near $5,000.  In another area, are those sporting clubs who do not pay the 10% Community Benefit Levy. All clubs should start with at least a 2.5% contribution and move up to 5%.

Another (controversial) suggestion is that a tourism or bed tax at 2.5% could be levied. Maybe this is a way to raise some revenue from all the FIFOS and companies who don’t pay payroll tax.

These are just a few suggestions that would surely raise the revenue base for the NT government. Perhaps then, it could raise enough revenue to give ALL seniors over 65 the concessions currently available.

COTA NT, along with other state COTAs, will be conducting a survey starting shortly to ascertain seniors needs and how we can best advocate for these needs both locally and nationally. We would urge all seniors to fill our survey in online if possible, plus we will be out in shopping centres and have staff in regional areas also talking to seniors. We hope to co-opt remote health clinics to assist us in surveying our indigenous seniors. This survey will allow us to continue to lobby, advocate and identify issues that affect seniors from all areas and cultures and the Territory.

Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT


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