Is the Territory Age-Friendly?

23 Aug 2022

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COTA NT believes that ageism matters and, like any other form of prejudice and discrimination, can make a profound impact on people’s wellbeing, social inclusion, and equality.

Half the world’s population is ageist against older people… Ageism is everywhere: from our institutions and relationships to ourselves. For example, ageism is in policies that support healthcare rationing by age, practices that limit younger people’s opportunities to contribute to decision-making in the workplace, patronizing behaviour used in interactions with older and younger people, and in self-limiting behaviour, which can stem from internalized stereotypes about what a person of a given age can be or do. (World Health Organisation, 2021).

Ageism Awareness Day 2022 is on the 7 October. It aims to draw attention to the existence and impacts of ageism. In the run up to AAD 2022, we want to find out if, or how, older Territorians have been affected ageism.

Our investigation into ageism in the Territory aims to answer the question,“Is the Territory of 2022 a place where every person is valued, connected and respected regardless of their age and health?”

Take the survey here (this link takes you to the Seniors Voice Engagement Hub website published by COTA NT).

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