Home-based aged care service audits needed

2 Apr 2019

A new system for applying for NTG grants

We had a few seniors ring us about the new Grants NT system and how to apply for Seniors Month grants. It would appear there were a few gremlins in the new online system, but they have been ironed out. (Hopefully you made yesterday’s deadline, 1 April). 

We also received again very disturbing information regarding the delivery of My Aged Care services in the home. COTA NT is meeting with various people in relation to this and we will be lobbying hard for a monitored system of checks and balances to be put in place in the NT for these home-based services. This will also be part of COTA NT’s submission to the Royal Commission.

Our new NT Seniors Card Directory is about to go to press and will be available after 12th April across the Territory. It’s being launched in Alice Springs and this year marks the NT Seniors Card program’s 20th year. It’s also COTA NT’s 50th anniversary and almost forty years since the old NT Pensioners, Carers and Concession Scheme was created in 1979. The scheme’s major review in 2018 has highlighted that over 5,000 people listed have not renewed or re-registered their membership. This does highlight a need for accurate data and renewal processes done on an annual basis, so that taxpayers’ money is not wasted.  If you know someone who may be entitled to the NT Concession Scheme, as it is now called, and the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme, encourage them to register as soon as possible.

Our Aged Care Navigators have been out and about talking to seniors’ groups and at the Palmerston Seniors Committee group. If you would like COTA NT to provide more information on our services and programs, 2019 Seniors Expo or our weekly activities, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08 8941 1004.

~ Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT


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