Free parking and more green spaces for Darwin CBD

7 Mar 2017

One off events such as COTA’s multicultural lunch help to re-purpose green spaces

It was interesting listening to a local radio station this week who were focusing on the Darwin CBD and asking for suggestions that would make the CBD a more vibrant and social place to visit.

COTA NT would recommend that parking, especially for senior Territorians, be free.  A sticker could be issued to senior Territorians each year when their rates are paid.  Every time COTA NT has a function at Spillett House, which is located right in the middle of the CBD, we have to ensure the function does not run over two hours, as our participants then need to put more money in the  parking meters!  

We would recommend that at least the first two hours be free and we believe that this incentive would act as an inducement to attract more people into the CBD.  Speaking of visitors, with the recent visit of one of the biggest cruise ships to Darwin,  COTA NT would of loved to be able to provide morning tea to our visitors out the front of our premises at Poinciana Park.  Imagine a lovely high tea set on the lawns.  Instead we, and nearby workers cannot utilise this wonderful space because of the anti-social behaviour and the park is often used as a toilet – not a good look for either visitors or workers alike!  Our seniors, and workers nearby could also enjoy this area for recreational activities such as yoga and tai chi, it is unsafe at present and not utilised at all.   

COTA NT would urge the Darwin City Council to investigate ways that Poinciana Park and other green spaces in the CBD can be utilised more fully and be safe for seniors and workers alike.


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