COTA urges seniors to sign petition

15 Aug 2017

Grandparents assist with childcare enabling parents to contribute to the Territory workforce

It was interesting reading in the paper about the costs of child care and how a lot of parents rely heavily on their parents to provide childcare while they work.  This is another excellent reason to ensure that our seniors stay in the Territory.  Imagine the loss to the Territory and the economy as a whole if these grandparents, who are available to assist with childcare, at no cost I might add, and to the workforce if these parents couldn’t afford childcare and had to resign their positions.   This would cause another skills shortage and a lot of these parents couldn’t afford then to pay their mortgage, so it all has a domino effect.

So COTA NT would urge all Territorians to sign the COTA NT’s, plus other organisations who also represent seniors, petition in reference to the review of the NT Pensioners and Carers Concessions. It is vital that we keep our seniors in the Territory for all the socio-economic reasons mentioned and it is now the middle of August – so only two weeks left to sign and have your say either with our petition or on the government web site.

As mentioned we are already half way through August – which is also Senior’s month and I hope that you have been to as many function and events as possible.  On looking at the Seniors Month Calendar, it was choc full of interesting events and COTA NT has a few as well.  We have our drumming workshop, multi-cultural luncheon where Syrian food will be featured plus our stretch and flex, so don’t miss out – book in early!

So enjoy the rest of seniors month – it is your month and don’t forget to have your say re the review of the pensioner and carers concession scheme on or if you can’t access the internet – call COTA NT on 89411004 and our staff will post one out to you.


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