COTA NT’s election 2020 wish list for seniors

5 Feb 2020

COTA NT has released its 2020 Election Submission calling on the Northern Territory Government to invest in six key areas that will improve the lives of senior Territorians. Investment in liveable communities, skills and jobs, accessible information, planning for change, a safe Northern Territory and in reducing the cost of living.

Read COTA NT Bidding for Senior Territorians 2020 –  Submission to the Northern Territory Government.

“These are six key areas for seniors that require either investment in infrastructure, changes to policy or an acknowledgement that all seniors should be treated equally,” said COTA NT’s CEO, Sue Shearer.

“Our submission outlines specific steps that the Northern Territory government could take in every area. One of the main areas for investment is in appropriate and adequate mental health facilities in the Northern Territory, as we know dementia is the largest growing illness in Australia. This goes hand in hand with affordable retirement options in all regional areas – purpose-built facilities that allow couples to stay together, even if one requires specialised care. At present, these loved ones are often separated which creates unnecessary suffering – anxiety and even depression – for both.”

Ms Shearer continued to say, “We all want our seniors to stay in the Territory, but there are some urgent issues that need addressing and our 2020 Election Submission, which has been sent to all political parties and independents outlines these changes and how to address them.”

“We look forward to working with the NT Government on behalf of seniors and eagerly await responses and commitments to this submission.”


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