COTA NT welcomes increase for NT Seniors Recognition Scheme

25 Mar 2024

NT Seniors who qualify for the annual NT Seniors Recognition Scheme payment will see a welcome increase in the amount they receive. This year’s payment will be $550 (increasing from $500) and available in the next financial year (i.e. after 1 July 2024.)

The NT Seniors Recognition Scheme (NTSRS) recognises the contribution senior Territorians make to the community and members receive a prepaid card each financial year to spend as they choose.

COTA NT lobbied the NT Government (NTG) repeatedly asking for this payment to be indexed to the consumer price index (CPI). The payment had remained the same for the last three years, years in which increasing numbers of older Territorians were struggling with the increasing costs of living.

“We recommended in our most recent submission, Election Recommendations for the Northern Territory Government that the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme payment be increased by $100 or indexed to CPI,” said Sue Shearer, Chief Executive Officer of COTA NT. “While neither of these recommendations has been fully undertaken, we welcome the increase of $50. As the peak body for seniors in the NT, we are acutely aware of the increasing struggles experienced by people just trying to meet the costs of everyday living. By increasing the payment, even by a small amount, the government is going some way toward recognising the reality of seniors’ situations.

“We urge members of the NTSRS to renew their membership before 30 June if they haven’t already done so. If membership details are not confirmed by this date, membership will be suspended, and benefits not received.”

“As part of our Election submission, we also recommended an increase for the current Motor Vehicle Registration discount of $55 available to NT Seniors Card holders, which has also remained static for several years. We know many Territorians aged over 65 are still driving and NT Seniors Card holders are especially keen to see their motoring costs go down. $50 saved is a start, let’s see what more will be done to help those who need it most.”

Media contact:  Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT
08 8941 1004

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