COTA NT adds speech to their website

13 Mar 2021

Our new web widget – does this one help you?

COTA NT has added a new widget to its website! It’s called a ReadSpeaker and its purpose is to give visitors to the COTA NT website another tool that can improve accessibility to the information we publish.

ReadSpeaker can help:

  • Improve digital accessibility to populations with learning and speech disabilities
  • Improve digital accessibility to people with visual impairments*
  • Help improve accessibility to people facing low literacy challenges.

How to use ReadSpeaker

You’ll find the ReadSpeaker “LISTEN” widget on the top left hand side of the page underneath the big picture. Simply click on the green arrow and all of the elements on the page will be read out to you.

Your feedback is important

ReadSpeaker will be available on the website on a trial basis until the end of May 2021. We’ll then take a look at how many people are using it and whether ReadSpeaker is helpful.

If you are using ReadSpeaker or helping someone else to read our website using ReadSpeaker, please let us know how it’s working for you.

*visually impaired website visitors can also use the (A + A -) widget on the top right of each page to increase or decrease the font size of the text on the website.



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