10,000 Voices speak and COTA continues to lobby on behalf of seniors

3 Oct 2017

Seniors certainly had their say in the recent review regarding the NTPCCS (Northern Territory Pensioner and Carers Concession Scheme).  Over 10,000 seniors voiced their concerns, either via the forums that were conducted throughout the Territory or through the website or through The Have Your Say leaflets that were sent directly to seniors.  The joint petition that COTA NT, coupled with other senior organisations distributed and collected signatures also received overwhelming support.

The voice of seniors will be hard to ignore and woe betide any government that doesn’t listen to these concerns regarding the review of the NTPCCS.  We strongly urge the NT government to heed these concerns and make a commitment quickly to continue the current concessions, with the grandfathering and advise seniors of any changes as soon as possible.

COTA NT has written to the new Mayor of City of Darwin suggesting that there should be parking marked for use only by seniors, placed strategically placed around shopping centres, banks and other areas that seniors frequent.  You will recall that there are parking spaces marked for young mums with prams which is terrific, but we would also call for specific car park spaces marked for seniors.  While the huge majority of seniors do not qualify for disability parking, they still have mobility issues and when they have to park miles away, they do find it difficult to access shops, banks etc. safely.  We would urge the City of Darwin to consider this suggestion as soon as possible.

COTA NT has some interesting information sessions being organised at the moment.  In October, we will have a talk on safety issues, especially for the coming cyclone season.  In November we are looking at having a financial information session which will focus on financial management, including reverse mortgages.  In the new year Victims of Crime will be giving a talk on preventative measures and securing your home.  We think that there will be something for everybody as well as our regular programs during the week.

So don’t forget to check our online calendar for upcoming events, and not just COTA’s.  The calendar is also for all senior organisations throughout the Territory to use and put their event details in the calendar.

Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT

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