Consumers asked what they need to know before choosing aged care provider

12 Dec 2017

Fill in a consumer survey online and help COTA Australia to understand what information should be available to consumers making important, life-impacting choices about aged care providers

COTA Australia is asking Australians their views about quality of life and quality of services in aged care over the next two months as part of a project to better understand the information consumers want (and need) in order to choose their aged care providers.

COTA Australia CEO, Ian Yates said good quality, reliable, easy to understand information was desperately needed to help older Australians compare the quality of services and choose an aged care provider that really suits their needs.

“Choosing an aged care provider is a major, life impacting decision that needs careful consideration, based on good quality comparable information” Mr Yates said. “COTA Australia has long been an advocate of the need for consumers to have access to information that’s meaningful, answers the questions we need to know and is accessible and simple to navigate.”

The project will canvass the views of all consumers, including older people, their families and friends, as well as aged care service providers via online surveys as well as focus groups across Australia. Unfortunately focus groups are not planned for the Northern Territory, so we urge Territorians to have their say via the online surveys before 31 December 2017.

“We particularly want to ask people’s views about their experience of their aged care providers, quality of life measures and indicators of care quality as well as the quality assurance systems and processes that support these measures,” said Mr Yates, “We also want to hear from Australians what information they need to make choices about the best aged care provider for themselves or their family.”

Older Australians, their families, friends and supporters can fill in their consumer survey here:
Aged Care providers and industry representatives can visit here:

If you require computer and internet access, or any assistance with completing the survey, please come and see us at COTA, we’re available until midday on Friday 15 December.

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