Clearing up confusion about different cards

3 Apr 2018

Drawing a blank about differences between the NT Seniors Card and NT Pensioner and Concession Card? – This article aims to make things clearer

We have been inundated with Seniors applying for their NT Seniors Card, which is terrific.  However, there appears to be some confusion over two different cards: the NT Seniors Card and the NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Card.

NT Seniors Card

The NT Seniors Card is a business discount card that is available for permanent residents over sixty. All seniors over this age, regardless of their economic circumstances, are eligible for this card.  We are working on expanding this program and invite business partners who wish to have a free listing in the Seniors Business Directory and also those who wish to advertise to contact us at or phone 1800 441 489.  We hope to have the new business directory available in print mid-May, and the dedicated website online in April, so watch this space.

NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Card

The other type of card, the NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Card is often referred to as the ‘orange card’.  It is available to Territorians who are eligible for long-term income tested Commonwealth pensions, i.e. the age pension, carer payment, disability support pension and parent payment single, and some DVA pensioners 

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (red /cream) is available to Territorians over pension age (65), who do not receive a Centrelink or DVA payment and meet eligibility requirements. The Department of Veteran Affairs also issues health cards to eligible veterans and former members of Australia’s defence force, their widow(er)s and dependants (gold, white and orange depending on conditions).

NT Seniors Recognition Scheme

There is more, senior Territorians who register for the new NT Seniors Recognition Scheme from 1 July 2018, will receive $500 each year to be used for travel or electricity or water bills. This will be for all Territorians over 65, and there are no economic restrictions on this. To apply or get more information free call 1800 777 704 or visit

COTA NT is working with Territory Families are working on fact and information sheets and these should be out shortly as the new scheme starts on the 1 July. However, we believe there will be six-months for people to ensure all their details are registered, correct and accurate.

Call for solar grants to help with clear up after Cyclone Marcus

On a change of pace – with all the clean-up from Marcus – we would urge the NT Government to consider making the grant available for solar available instead for people experiencing financial hardship in the wake of Cyclone Marcus.  We have had numerous calls for senior Territorians who can’t afford to clean up their yard and who are also physically incapable of doing this work.  We would urge the NT Government to consider being innovative with these grants to allow people to access them.  We also would urge seniors to put their name down with the Department of Corrections who assist with gardening – there is a two year wait list but at least start now.

~ Sue Shearer, CEO COTA NT


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